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TLDR: Our vote is our voice and it is important to vote in order to be heard on the things that matter to us.

Today I learned that our demography does not vote well. Historically the voter turnout for the age range of 18-29 has been between 20-35% compared to average turn out of about 60%.

There are quite a few more things in the ballot then choosing the right president. When politicians see ~25% voter turnout for the younger generation or came to a realization of only 40% of the Asian-Americans vote, they aren’t going to do shit for us that supports our cause. Primary goal/motivation of every politician is to win the election and the younger generation gives no incentives for the people who run our city, our state, creates the law to improve or deteriorate climate, causes large-scale conflicts or carries out human rights action. Even if we fill out an empty ballot there are still incentives for us.

So How do politicians know how demography group votes?

Although the content of your ballots is secret other things are not. Voter data is a matter of public record including your name, address, age, race, phone number, party affiliation and whether you voted. Each state has their own rules on hows and whos in terms of access to vote data. On most states, these data can be accessible for election campaign purposes.

Your social/internet profiles can be mapped to the demography as well as other features that help pinpoint your political interests thanks to modern data analytics practices. Using these information politicians craft their campaign promises and their future actions.

Data Analytics has transformed election campaign in a big way and will be more so in the future. Skipping elections will hurt our demography more and more because of it.

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