tldr- I created a COVID-19 tracker called and it had 91 hours of total user engagement before the domain name expired.

The story

I was sitting in my room, scrolling through my phone when I saw the news. Another outbreak of a new virus. This one was called Covid-19. I immediately thought of my family and friends and how this could affect them. I decided to do something about it by writing a covid stat tracking application.

The COVID data is in and it’s not good. COVID-19 has taken a toll on the world, and the numbers are showing it. Hospitals are overwhelmed, economies are struggling, and people are dying. The data shows that the virus is spreading rapidly and there is no end in sight.

So I decided to build a covid tracker to share some insights on COVID. That’s when was born.

About two years later, the site was brought down as the domain name expired. I received an email saying the domain name expired yesterday. This domain was registered by Zobair in 2020 and it expired because he didn’t renew it on time.

And then… I decided to look into the stats of the site and how much of an impact the site had. I was surprised and decided to take a closer look. This was the impact as shown on the following screenshot.

Pretty Data!

Calculated all the numbers to convert to hours. The total hours spent on sites by all users totaled 91 hours! Wow, that’s something! Felt proud.

The end.

Like to see a demo?

Visit the site to see the demo aka prod?

Read this blogpost to learn more on how the site was built.

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