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Lists of my experiece as of this day.


  • Containerized Oracle 12 using docker-compose.
  • Containerized SVN server
  • Containerized NodeJS app
  • Created, and maintained various dockerized app including Gitlab, Nexus (maven repo mirror), Jenkins, Docker repository and more.

Clojure/Clojure Script

  • Created a clojure code linting plugin for Sonar-Qube. Sonar-Clojure
  • Created a clojure-script web app for gamification of tasks for training new team members in our organization.


About 1.5 years of experience in java and knowledge in the following areas.

  • Database and JDBC
  • Rest
  • Servlet
  • JSP
  • Jboss


Knowledge in the following areas in the order of experience

  • ExtJs
  • React Native
  • React Js
  • Cesium.js mapping framework
  • NodeJs
  • material-ui
  • D3.js

Some of the projects in Javascript

  • Created internet speed test tool in Javascript.
  • Created a video chat web application using webRTC and react js using pubnub backend.

Other Technologies

  • IBM Data power programming and automation
  • Postgres
  • Ozone Widget Framework
  • Expect scripts
  • Bash scripts
  • Puppet
  • Setting up Open Stack
  • Redhat IDM
  • Install and maintain ESXI server
  • Virtual Box and VMWare

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