• Do not edit Extjs core.
  • Do not use ID.
  • Keep your code clean and simple.
  • Learn and use debugging tools.


After coding in ExtJs for more then a year, these are my tips. Some of these are from readings others are personal experience.

1. Commas and semicolons are important!

One misplaced or missing comma will result in a blank page. Make sure to use commas after each property except the last property.

2. Naming conventions

Store in the plural. Example: “TeslaCars.js”
View, in the singular. Example: “TeslaCar.js”
Model, in the singular. Example: “TeslaCar.js”
Also lookup variable naming scheme.

3. Global variables

Global variable usage is discouraged.

4. Override instead of recreation

Instead of creating a function/view/model/store, try to override existing ones. It will save you a couple lines of code.

5. Alias, Xtypes, Widgets

They could be synonyms of each other depending on usage. Be careful on what you name your components. Make sure not to use any of the reserved xtype/alias.

6. Nesting is discouraged

Try to avoid excessive nesting.

7. Multiple controllers instead of one monster controller

Try to create multiple controllers if your controller grows for the sake of maintainability

8. Folder structures

Look up Extjs recommendation and documents on folder structure before you try to come up with your own scheme.

9. Use of ID

Extjs Discourages the use of ID. It causes problems when you create multiple instance of a object. Instead use itemID.

10. Do not edit framework codes

Use override. Or it will be a pain upgrading to a newer version.

11. Reuse, reduce recycle

If you find yourself writing same code over the second time, find a way to export the code in a separate xtype so it could be shared across classes.

12. Chrome debugging tools

Learn chrome debugging tools, and familiarize yourself with javascript debugging tools.

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