Why I created Today I learned (TIL) page

Ever since Github introduced github pages back in 2014, I wanted to create my own github page. I fiddled with the page a little bit but never had the motivation or the need to setup a page. Few weeks ago I came by Thoughtbot’s TIL (Today I Learned) page. TIL is basically your online diary of things you have learned. TIL pages seem to have three fold benefits-

  • Improve your recalling ability,

  • Keep a documentation of what you have learned

  • Most of all contribute and give back to the community

I would invite everyone to create TLI page. There are many reasons to create a TLI page. Perhaps you want to share your knowledge and experience with others in the field, or you want to build up your own credibility and authority. Maybe you simply enjoy writing and sharing your thoughts and ideas with others. Whatever your reasons, a TLI!

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