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Code repository: coronavirus-json-api

The story

When the COVID-19 pandemic first started, the World Health Organization released it’s data. JHU hold the data in a github repository. However, there were no good way to access the data initially. So, I created some scripts to pull csv data hourly from JHU data repository, and produce json data that could be consumed by other tools.

The JSON files were commited in a github repo which would allow anyone to link their app to these data without using any 3RD party service.

I used the same data API to build which was recently replaced and moved to


The project was used to serve ase API backend for During the start of COVID-19 pandemic, I wanted to create a site that services as a window to covid statistics.

Data sources

The data is updated from Johns Hopkins University Center for Systems Science and Engineering JHU CSSE repository and hosted on JHU CSSE updates the data about twice daily.

Additionally, the total counts are updated every hour from

The project is now dormant a there are many alternative APIs avaiable.