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Code repository: AIY-data-center-assistant

The story:

In May of 2017, Google released a do-it-yourself artificial intelligence (AI) kit for the Raspberry Pi 3. The Google AIY Voice Kit came with a cardboard box, a microphone, a speaker, and software to build a voice-activated assistant.

I was excited to get my hands on the kit, and set to work building my own AIY Voice Kit. The first step was to assemble the cardboard box into a Google Home-like device. This was fairly straightforward, and only took a few minutes.

Next, I connected the microphone and speaker to the Raspberry Pi, and installed the software. The software was easy to use, and I was soon able to train my AIY Voice Kit to recognize my voice.

Now, I can ask my AIY Voice Kit to do things like sending slack messages, reading slack messages, give me ip addresses and do nslookup.