TLDR: I want to get an education from a top tier university like Georgia Tech so that I can be a better mentor, expand my knowledge in technology, and hopefully make big impacts on my mentees’ lives like my mentor, Mr. Mike G.

Why OMSCS (Online Master of Science in Computer Science) at Georgia Tech?

Technology and electronics were my passion for as long as I can remember. My first programming project was in artificial intelligence when I created several bot programs which played a massive online multiplayer game called Runescape. Through this project, I understood the value that AI and robotics can bring to the world. My interest since then has been to build things that would help cut down manual tasks via computers and machines.

Career wise, my goal is to work in a field where I can solder mechanics with code. To me, Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robotics are some of the most exciting fields. Georgia Tech’s OMSCS program seems to have all three of these areas bundled together. I am interested in the OMSCS program mainly for the joy of learning. My objective from this program is to broaden myself that will enable me to view things from multiple perspectives. Affordable classes from OMSCS program will allow me to take courses outside of the specialization path.

The ratio for preparation time vs the actual education content for offline classes is at least 10:1. Georgia Tech’s OMSCS kept the high-standards of the institute while offering more flexibility that intrigued me. This program will enable me to use my time the most efficient way while getting the best quality of education I can afford. Georgia Tech’s OMSCS program is one of a kind program that attracts students from not only the 50 states but 80 other countries. After graduating from George Mason, one of the most diverse universities in Virginia, I understand the value diversity brings. Having diverse peers are especially important in the machine learning and technology fields where looking at problems at various perspectives are important. Frankly, I don’t think I will find these features bundled into one package from any other University besides Georgia Tech’s OMSCS program.

I am passionate about learning new things, influencing my peers in a positive way, and mentoring others especially in the technology field. I was fortunate enough to have a mentor early in my career who made a significant impact in my life and increased my hunger in learning. I am part of regular meetup groups in Clojure, Devops, GoLang, and Ethical hacking, many of which are outside the area of my job. I have learned Clojure well enough on my own to make a SonarQube plugin for quality scanning Clojure code utilizing several open source projects. I am also part of a makerspace club where we build drones, 3D printers and various other single-board computer projects. At Pragmatics, I work as a full stack developer involved in every step of development and release pipeline. On top of that, I am involved in mentoring interns during summer and winter. Inspired from these meetups as well as influence of my mentor, on my current project, I have started “Brown Bag Meeting” where we discuss different technologies during lunch to make the team more productive and master the craft of programming. I have influenced my team to use Intellij, Gitlab, Jenkins, Mattermost(Slack alternative) instead of using the inferior alternatives by showing them the benefits and the future outcome. Getting education from a top tier university like Georgia Tech will surely will make me a better mentor, expend the knowledge in technology and hopefully enable me to make big impacts on my mentees life like my mentor, Mr. Mike did to me.

I am confident that Georgia Tech is the perfect place for me to gain more knowledge in my interests in the most efficient way. I am looking to specialize in machine learning while taking courses in robotics and artificial intelligence. My dream has been to work for a company like Tesla Inc, where I can fuse my programming and engineering skills and make a notable change in the world for the better. Getting this opportunity will take me one giant leap closer to my ambitious dream.

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