This is a TLI (Today I Learned) site for sharing my learning related notes.

I am passionate about being an well-rounded SWE (software engineer). SWE is a field that is constantly evolving and offers a lot of opportunities for creativity and innovation. I enjoy working with code and solving complex problems, and, I am always looking for ways to improve my skills and knowledge. I am passionate about helping others learn and grow in their careers.

My interests include

  • Reducing cognative load by improving user interface
  • Use of computer vision tools to extract data form media
  • Designing automation though software and hardware
  • Reducing complexity of this complex world though software and automation.
  • Playing outdoor sports and staying active
  • Arial, drone, and landscape photography
  • Mentoring… and learning from others.
  • And… I care about climate change, it’s very real!

… and I like being funny, often it works, sometimes it fails to amuse everyone.

Please visit —

  • Projects section of this site to learn about few of my projects

  • Posts section to read my learning notes.

As I grew and developed in my career field, I am greatful to everyone who guided me though the personal development and learning journy. Hopefully these notes will inform some people on the tools, the technologies and the practices.

When we share knowledge, we empower others to make better decisions, to be more informed, and to lead more fulfilling lives. Knowledge and guidance is a gift that we can give to others, and I am committed to learning and sharing what I gathered through this TLI (Today I learned site).