Ever since I was a child, technology was my biggest interest. I grew up in Bangladesh, where personal computers were rare. My first introduction to a PC became an instant fascination when my uncle purchased one. In my spare time, I would interpret books to grasp some knowledge about PC usage. I would practice what I learned when I had the chance to visit my uncle. Around age 10, I was fixing my uncle’s hardware, software, and bios issues.My family moved to the United States in 2006 where I started high school. There, I took all the available computer related courses in computer science, business, and graphics design. During that time, I realized that my ambition was to become a software engineer.

As a first-generation immigrant, cost was the limiting factor when it came to selecting a college. Regardless, I ended up going to George Mason rather than a community college, while working close to minimum wage. I ended up earning only a 3.40 GPA for my first semester. However, I quickly adapted to managing a college routine with a job and graduated with 3.70 GPA while also taking the most rigorous courses in the IT program. While attending, I was a member of ethical hacking and Linux clubs where I learned and shared various areas of technologies with my peers.

My dream of working with technology as a career turned into a reality during my senior year when I got an internship at Pragmatics. I worked 3 days a week at Pragmatics going above and beyond the expectations, while also maintaining 3.95 GPA over the 2-semester span. I transformed from an intern who supported various DevOps tasks, to part time software engineer where I created rapid software prototypes, to a full-stack software engineer who deals with big data to help provide insights to our military troops.

Living the dream.